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Repetition in Keywords

  • Shiphrah by Shiphrah

    In the tutorial, one of the keyword examples is two words. Does the search function based on the keywords search on each word in the phrase, or only on the whole phrase?

    I ask this because I've just worked on an illustration for which I listed these keywords:
    wind reels; wind; wind direction
    Was I right to list "wind" as a separate word, as well as phrases that contain it?

    I also wonder whether to separately list words which are in hyphenated words as well as independently:
    wane-clouds; clouds


  • VVH by VVH scientist, admin

    Hi Shiprah--This is a good question--thanks for your diligence. To be on the safe side I think it's helpful to break the words down as you have done, but I also suspect that the search functionality of the BHL catalogue can pick up words within a hyphenated phrase. I tend to list root words, even if they don't appear on their own. Often people using catalogues think in terms of roots and truncations, I know I do anyhow!


  • trosesandler by trosesandler scientist

    Regarding how BHL indexes and searches - the words "wind reels" and "wind direction" would be just fine w/o having to also list the word wind (although there is no harm done if you did 😃 it would just save you some time. Thanks for asking Shiphrah.