Science Gossip Talk

UI suggestion(s)

  • ethrbunny by ethrbunny

    Instead of having the 'do you want to talk about this' being a separate page click just make it a button. This would save time for each page.

    Either that or put a field on each page for the hashtags / comments.

    Also - the scanned pages are typically larger than my display. Would be useful to have them scaled to fit with an optional zoom


  • jhazel by jhazel

    When I click on an inscription, the window for data entry hides part (sometimes all) of the inscription that I need to copy. Please can you make data entry box "drag-able"?

    Large illustrations do not fit within my small screen. Can you provide a zoom-out button please?.

    Separate screen for "Do you want to talk" takes up unnecessary time, as previous post mentioned. Can you please consider putting Talk-about button on last data entry screen?.