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Lack of Tools

  • juncus by juncus

    I may have missed something but I could not select part of the image as it was multiple aspects of the same animal [whole page]. I could not add any of the text like the species name and was only allowed to add keywords. The classification is going to be very poor therefore. This added to the fact that I get asked if I want to talk about the image every time I have said there is no image has basically stopped me from continuing as it is not very satisfying, As a data manager I found it hard to understand why.


  • geoffrey.belknap by geoffrey.belknap scientist

    Hi Juncus,

    Answers to the first of your questions can be found here:

    The ask function is an essential part of all zooniverse platforms - it allows all citizen scientists to bring any question about a page directly to talk. Hopefully you will give the project another chance as it is great to have everyone - including data managers involved!