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How to hashtag

  • VVH by VVH scientist, admin

    Hi all,

    My colleague DZM has written this blogpost about how and why to hashtag:

    Happy #ing!


  • vallareviv by vallareviv

    Hello, i realized many people add hashtags under images on discussion board. My question is, what kind of things/ themes/images are important to hushtag, should i mark any blank/folded pages, old weather information and so on? There is no problem doing this, I am just afraid that i spam discussion board with all those tagged images.



  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to vallareviv's comment.

    Hi Paulina,

    It's a good question! Yes, some tags are important for the researchers since they help them to sort out images. You can search images by those tags too (however it doesn't work properly yet).

    Here are the FAQs with some hash tags mentioned:

    It's a helpful reading 😃

    You can see some most popular tags on the left side of the Talk, just below the Featured discussions!

    Feel free to ask about specific hashtags if you don't understand them. Basically, we use the ones from the FAQs and then names of other projects connected with the articles, like: Oldweather, Planktonportal, Condorwatch, Penguinwatch, Kelp ...etc. Then some science areas like Marinebiology, Geology, Music ... And names of Illustrations like TWWood..

    Hope this is helpful. Thanks for asking; enjoy the hashtaging:)



  • rrpbgeek by rrpbgeek

    Can we add #pedigree to the list of hashtags? While there are no current zooniverse projects on genealogy, I'm sure that a number of members of their field might be interested in them.


  • Whitby_Jet by Whitby_Jet

    I read the hashtag instructions, but actually they do not tell you how to hashtag, just what to choose.

    The tutorial video could do with a bit at the end, telling you that you need to Talk about the object, and that the hashtag space is then way down at the bottom of the page. I had to work all this out myself, so did not tag anything at first. Meanwhile, maybe edit the FAQs accordingly?


  • jules by jules moderator in response to Whitby_Jet's comment.

    Very good point Whitby_Jet. I think this is an oversight on our part. I've added a section to the FAQ (and made it the first question) which hopefully addresses this.


  • Whitby_Jet by Whitby_Jet

    Thanks jules, that's a useful addition.


  • trosesandler by trosesandler scientist

    yes very useful thanks jules!