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What does Inscription mean? Needed in Tutorial

  • Shiphrah by Shiphrah

    Inscription is probably a technical term among those who study old documents, but when I saw the word in the Tutorial I had no idea what was meant in this context. From comments in Talk I have gathered that it means something handwritten in the document, something that was not in the original printed page. Is this correct?

    Please add a definition of the word to the Tutorial, since others may have the same problem understanding it.


  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to Shiphrah's comment.

    I understand it as a handwritten caption to the image you're classifying.


  • ssgiris by ssgiris moderator

    Yshish is correct. See, answer from VVH ZOONIVERSE TEAM, where they write: "For the inscriptions task please just transcribe handwritten additions to the text. Then use the keywords task to add any relevant information about the image which you might find in the caption included with the image or in the page (or pages) nearby."