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help with keywords

  • GladysW by GladysW

    I need some help with keywords for images. Is it possible to see keywords that people assigned to images for examples?


  • VVH by VVH scientist, admin

    Hi GladysW,

    At the moment I don't think that we have the ability to do this for Science Gossip, although we've just launched this kind of functionality in Snapshot Serengeti. I will look into it in the coming weeks and see if the Snapshot work can be adapted.

    In the meantime, I suggest that you trust your own instincts. Add keywords as you find them on the page, but don't be afraid to interpret too. For example, maybe you'll come across a page about geology/rocks, that never actually uses either of those words. Feel free to add them.

    Part of the adventure of this project is seeing what we, as a group, come up with when we do these tasks independently. What consensus and what variety of terms emerge? In other words, I'm confident that we'll generate good keyword lists for each page, because several people do each task, so the burden of spotting everything and interpreting everything does not fall to one person alone.

    Hope that helps, and thanks so much for checking in.