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Illustration Page Missing Reference Text

  • jennmat82 by jennmat82

    The illustrations referenced on this page (XVIII) require additional pages/text not provided. To complete task, need all text or pages that reference XVIII. (Most of the pages provided discussed illustrations labeled XVI or other)


  • jules by jules moderator in response to jennmat82's comment.

    Sometimes the key to a plate is hidden away in the text - and tricky to locate. We are not expected to do this, however - though you can search through the journal via the BHL link if you want to! In this case part of the key starts on page 435. To mark this illustration it would be fine to draw a box around the whole page, enter the contributors, leave the species box blank and use keywords such as "shell" and "west Indian tertiary fossils". This would enable anyone with an interest in the contributors or the subject matter to find them on a search.

    Thanks for posting!