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Difficult illustation

  • katherine929193 by katherine929193

    #rotated #difficult

    I probably #mislabeled some organisms


  • geoffrey.belknap by geoffrey.belknap scientist

    Very cool - the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs! No worries if you mislabelled some - the rotated ones are hard to do.


  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to geoffrey.belknap's comment.

    Really cool! It is also a #reusedimage! Look: ASC0003yrh 😄


  • trosesandler by trosesandler scientist

    Thanks katherine929193 for tackling this one! Sorry about the rotated page. One workaround to that is to go to the original item in BHL and then download that page. Once you bring it into a PDF viewer you can rotate there. Its not ideal but better than reading sideways I suppose 😉