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  • Bluesky001 by Bluesky001

    Hi, 2 questions:

    1. Do I add the name of the journal in the "Contributors" section or do I ignore it?
    2. In this journal "Mintern Bros.imp" may be the publishers? I am unsure what "imp" means , maybe importer or publisher.

    Please advise. Thank you.



  • geoffrey.belknap by geoffrey.belknap scientist

    Hi @Bluesky001 - Thanks for the questions.

    For 1 - you don't have to add the journal name - that is already part of the metadata.

    1. 'Imp' means 'impressit' or printed by. You can find a list of these latin terms and abbreviations under the '?' button when classifying.

    Thanks for you help!


  • jules by jules moderator

    You might find this contributors list useful too. It contains many of the names and roles we come across.