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Common name & scientific name/taxonomy - species box or keywords?

  • PinkPimpernel by PinkPimpernel

    My question has to do with where to place names found in the text vs. elsewhere. This image has ferns with accepted & unaccepted names, and no common names in the rest of the article. With a little research I can find current accepted names & common names. I've been putting scientific names (accepted or no) & common names in their fields only when they're in the associated text, and putting corresponding accepted scientific names & common names in the Keywords field when I find them in another source (ITIS etc). Is this correct?


  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to PinkPimpernel's comment.

    Hi @PinkPimpernel

    It is a good question. Glad you have asked.

    When there is no common name mentioned, you have two options what to do:

    1. leave the text field blank/empty
    2. try to search it on the internet. In this case, write the name to both the text field for the Common name and as a keyword.

    When there are more names for a single species (accepted, unaccepted, or both), you can put them all into the same text field, just use the semicolon symbol ; between them, and then as keywords again.

    When some of the name is unaccepted, please, use #historicaltaxonomy tag in the comment.

    Thanks. Hope this replies to your question.



  • PinkPimpernel by PinkPimpernel

    Spot on as always - thank you!