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Wrong Journal?

  • purpleheather by purpleheather

    This journal stated it was about suburban gardening in the header, but it seems to be a medical journal. Is it misfiled?


  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to purpleheather's comment.

    Why do you think so? I haven't read the whole article, just look at the first page and read a few lines of each page. I see nothing wrong. (I am too busy now for a bigger investigation now, sorry..)


  • jules by jules moderator

    Interesting! I had a closer look @yshish and at first glance it does seem odd. The journal is "The gardener's magazine and register of rural & domestic improvement." The page in question appears to be drawing comparisons between human and plant physiology (in some detail!) which is a little confusing, but the article as a whole is definitely about plant physiology.

    Not exactly light reading either!

    Hope that answers your question @purpleheather.