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Put Species in Keywords?

  • DrDaveJ by DrDaveJ

    I enter Species (common and/or scientific) into the data box, with the crosshair positioned at the text where it appears on the page.
    If the instance of the name does not occur at the image, but only in the text content, should I also enter the species info in the keywords.


  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to DrDaveJ's comment.

    Hi @DrDaveJ

    It is a good question. And the answer is Yes, please. In some journals you will even have to go through previous/following pages which you can find on the BHL site (2nd icon of a folded paper in the classification menu) to find the inscription. Especially some plates (full page illustrations) are sometimes explained even many pages before/after the illustration.

    Thanks for asking, enjoy the annotation 😃