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Image Enhancement

  • rc1991 by rc1991

    Is there a way to digitally enhance an image like this one so as to be better able to make a classification? Understanding of course that you wouldn't want to do anything to affect the original.


  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to rc1991's comment.

    Hi @rc1991

    This is actually the back side of the illustration, which should be displayed on the previous/following scan. You can always check by visiting the BHL document (the second icon from the left on the top of the Classification menu).

    Please, mark it as NO illustration, and comment with #blank.

    Thanks for your question, I'm sure this will help many others!



  • jules by jules moderator

    Occasionally you see images a little like this that have a protective overlay on top of them. In these cases you can use the tag #overlay and also mark as "no illustration". In both cases the real image will be there in all its glory for you to classify - you just need to keep clicking!


  • VVH by VVH scientist, admin

    Wow, you guys have great eyes! I really had to squint at that one. We've seen some pages like this in the AnnoTate Project, where there is bleed through from the front of a page to the back, as it were.