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unable to record all information

  • ker5ry by ker5ry

    fish: Dorypterus Hofmanni
    A Hancock del G.H.Ford
    Mintern Bro Imp
    Quart. Journ. Geol. soc. Vol. XXVI PI XLII

    this info should be divided up under the "inscriptions" "species" etc. but when I try to divide it up, only my last entry seems to be recorded.


  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to ker5ry's comment.

    I'm sorry but I'm not sure what exactly is the problem, and you meant by that.

    There are four steps in the classification:

    1. You answer Yes, since there is an illustration
    2. You draw the rectangle
    3. You click in the centre of the drawing and fill the species (Dorypterus Hofmanni), hen click on the contributor name (at the bottom of the page) and fill the name (A. Hancock..etc) + choose the category (illustrator)
    4. Type the keywords for the illustration

    Any time, when you click on the BACK button, you should see the previous information you put in.

    Is that what you do? What exactly makes you think the information are not being recorded?