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Keywords for maps

  • EASEyes by EASEyes

    This image has many place names as well as an elaborate key to identify the various shales found in different areas. What do you want for keywords?


  • geoffrey.belknap by geoffrey.belknap scientist

    This is a folded map, so you should mark it as no illustration and give it a #folded


  • ssgiris by ssgiris moderator

    I am a retired indexer. Some general advice about choosing keywords: I try to think about what the image is about, and what concepts I would be searching for that the image exemplifies. I try to describe the image, or contents of the table, or concepts the map is conveying. Keywords I would use for this map would include: geology; shales; geological strata; Rhayader pale shales; Gwastaden group; Caban group. I wouldn't list every word in the map in the keywords.


  • trosesandler by trosesandler scientist

    good advice ssgiris!