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  • Erin_Moore by Erin_Moore

    Hi - I am a new user to this project. So far, I am only able to record input to keywords. The other fields, inscription and contributor, do not seem to be working. Or is it user error? Erin Moore, Bellingham, WA, USA


  • geoffrey.belknap by geoffrey.belknap scientist

    Hi Erin,

    Great that you are joining us on Science Gossip! I'm sorry that you have been having problems. We haven't had any other reported errors, so hopefully it is just a one off. In the case of the inscription and contributor you need to click on the part of the image that you want to label, which will bring up a field to enter data.

    Hope that solves the problem, but if not please let us know and we can try to get it fixed asap.


  • DZM by DZM admin in response to Erin Moore's comment.

    Hi Erin! What sort of device, operating system, and browser are you using? If you change browsers, does this still happen?

    Please let me know; thanks!!