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Author's names & categories

  • jaburu by jaburu

    two points to mention here:
    plenty of meteorological observations contain charts. I always assume that the author of a specific article is also the author of the chart. In the category selection though, none of the given ones (illustrator, etc) are fitting. Perhaps a separate one (author?) should be added?
    second, a question:
    after having worked through several pages, I started to see recurring names of authors, or at least it seems to me that those are the same people, since writing of their first names is sometimes abbreviated and sometimes not (e.g. "W. Jerome Harrison" vs. "W.J. Harrison")
    Should the original spelling be kept always?



  • trosesandler by trosesandler scientist

    Point 1: the contributor role, as you mentioned, is mostly biased towards drawings and such where the contributor is sometimes different from the author of the article, journal or book and would therefore need to be recorded. We will consider adding author but for now record role as "other" Point 2: Record the name as you see it in the periodical.