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One image or many?

  • dcortesi by dcortesi

    Is this a single image, or 14 images?

    If I draw rectangles around each, the rectangles overlap in part, e.g. the rectangle around 11a. intersects bits of the rectangles for 7, 11, and 12. Problem?

    If individual rectangles, should each rectangle include the reference number, e.g. should the rectangle include the 1. above the upper-left shell? Or should it crop tight around the shell alone?

    If individual rectangles, should I take care to include the shading e.g. to the right corner of 8.? Or can that be cropped?

    Are the reference numbers (1., 2. etc) and magnifications(?) (X2, X3...) considered "Inscriptions" to be recorded?

    Should the four words of the title (Proterozoic Murchisoniidae, pleurotomariidae, & Turretellidae) also be keywords?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB

    Here's a similar case :

    Hope this helps ! 😄


  • trosesandler by trosesandler scientist

    Great question! Separate boxes are more useful when multiple illustrations on the same page are separated by text and are about different topics or species. In this case, where the boxes for each illustration would overlap and are all about the same species you can treat this as one illustration with no boxes.
    Scientific - Proterozoic Murchisoniidae
    Scientific: Pleurotomariidae CommonName: Slit Snail
    Scientific: Turritellidae CommonName: Tower Snail
    Transcribe: [leave blank - reference numbers are not considered inscriptions]
    Name; J. Donald Role: Illustrator
    Name: A. H. Searle Role: Lithographer
    Name: Mintern Bros. Role: Printer
    Keywords: fossil; snail