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New Keywords Needed

  • john_murrell by john_murrell

    The list of keywords does not contain any applicable to geological illustrations. The image identified is a geologic section but there will probably be other things such as rock samples as well needed


  • yshish by yshish moderator in response to john murrell's comment.


    I'm not sure whether I understood your request but I think you don't have to use those keywords which are visible in the text area, they're just examples. You can write your owns (I do it at each image).




  • geoffrey.belknap by geoffrey.belknap scientist

    Hi John and Zuzi,

    Zuzi is right - keywords are freeform - so you are welcome to enter any keywords that you feel are suitable. Though it is a good idea to create a discussion board on suitable keywords for geology!



  • kosmala by kosmala

    Oh man. I just got a volcano and didn't even think to add the keyword 'geology' to it. Added other volcano-y words, though.