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Journal of Botany - stuck?

  • OneTwoTree by OneTwoTree

    It seems like the Journal of Botany British and Foreign isn't working. Whenever I click on the journal to classify, it kicks me to a different publication. Just wanted to let someone know in case there's something technical that needs to be fixed. Thanks!


  • jules by jules moderator

    This journal is working fine for me. The behaviour you describe usually means you have finished that journal. It is currently only 3% complete so unless you have concentrated on this journal and have classified all the pages I suspect something is amiss! Have you tried clearing your cache?


  • eatyourgreens by eatyourgreens admin

    Working for me too, but here are the stats for that journal:

    • Complete: 189
    • Active: 60
    • Inactive: 5913
    • Paused: 0

    @OneTwoThree must have done all 60 of the active pages. I'm not sure why the inactive pages aren't activating as pages complete. Perhaps there are too many active pages already from other journals?


  • yshish by yshish moderator

    Thanks, @eatyourgreens