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Accurate "Go back" function needed in Talk pages

  • Whitby_Jet by Whitby_Jet

    If I want to return to the previous page, this does not always work using the back button on my browser e.g. I used Search and was provided with a list, but after looking at one thread from the list, I could not get back to the list but had to type in the Search term again. In fact the Search function did not even work at all some of the times I tried it.

    Also, in general, if the previous page I want to return to is part of a thread with more than one page, Back always takes me to p1, which is annoying if I was on p3.


  • jules by jules moderator

    I'm with you on all of those! These are things the Talk team know about and are working on. There's also new Talk version being tried out in the newest projects - and in the Zooniverse Talk. too. Still some way to go though. Follow the link of you fancy helping with feedback.


  • VVH by VVH scientist, admin

    Thanks jules and Whitby_Jet. I know that some of the Talk features are not entirely intuitive, so I hope you will continue to give feedback to the Talk team. Feedback is very much appreciated.